Winter Bear Studio

Winter Bear
noun | \’win-tər ’ber\
A bear forced out of hibernation early. Winter bears emerge with an insatiable hunger.

Origin Story

Winter Bear Studio was founded in late 2015 by former members of Fuhu, Inc.’s Colorado office, which was dedicated to the internal development of apps and games for the Nabi branded children’s tablets. Upon separation from their former employer, our seven members formed a new studio dedicated to creative solutions for business using their game development experience.

Members of the team range from fifteen year veterans to aspiring young developers ready to make waves and leave their mark. Quality, intuitive functionality, and precision metrics are paramount in producing work that we are proud to represent for our clients.

We chose to expand our reach outside of game development in order to learn and experience what other industries are created upon. As a whole, the members of Winter Bear Studio share a passion for learning and problem solving. Applying our experience in games to other business solutions allows us to maintain that passion.

What We Do


Building apps, deploying web services to phones and tablets, and kicking off new ideas will help your business. We can bring your vision to light.


Any genre. Any platform. Any demographic. Great games have a broad range and we target them all.


Our experience with user testing children, teens, and adults gives us the knowledge we need to create intuitive games and learning platforms.


“I wish I could just enter my numbers and the computer would give me the answers” We have you covered! We build intuitive, user-friendly applications without sacrificing functionality.


The new "wild west", VR will fundamentally change the way you interact with 3D experiences.


The way an app behaves has a massive impact on usability. We know the tricks to ensure your users are fully engaged. Let us take your app from “Yeah, it works” to “Wow, this is great!”